Bodyguard: Hostage (Book 1)

Chris Bradford
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In a dangerous world, everyone needs protection.Bodyguard: Hostage is the new thriller from Chris Bradford, bestselling author of Young Samurai. Bodyguard is a bulletproof action-adventure series that fans of Cherub and Alex Rider will love. This is Lee Child for younger readers - a teenage Jason Bourne for the next generation.With the rise of teen stars, the intense media focus onceleb families and a new wave of billionaires, adults are no longer the only target for hostage-taking, blackmail an

Title Details

ISBN: 9780141971506
Author: Chris Bradford
Language: English
Publication Date: 02/05/2013
Format: EPUB
Est. Pages: ?423
Series: Bodyguard
Genre: Children's, young adult & educational - Children's & young adult fiction & true stories