Strange shores

Arnaldur Indridason
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A missing woman. A missing boy. Detective Erlendur returns - for the last time A young woman walks into the frozen fjords of Iceland, never to be seen again. But Matthildur leaves in her wake rumours of lies, betrayal and revenge.Decades later, somewhere in the same wilderness, Detective Erlendur is on the hunt. He is looking for Matthildur but also for a long-lost brother, whose disappearance in a snow-storm when they were children has coloured his entire life. He is looking for answers. Slowly

Title Details

ISBN: 9781448156054
Author: Arnaldur Indridason
Publisher: Vintage Digital
Language: English
Publication Date: 15/08/2013
Format: EPUB
Est. Pages: ?304
Genre: Fiction & related items - Crime & mystery