The Officers, men and women of the Merchant Navy and Mercantile Fleet Auxiliary 1914-1919

S.D. Jarvis
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More than 2,500 merchant ships and auxiliaries were sunk during the war, by far the greatest majority by U boats. This volume contains the names of all who died serving in the merchant marine and in auxiliaries, armed merchant cruisers, hospital ships etc with the date of death. In each case the name of the ship is given and the individual's function on board, such as master, mate, stewardess, greaser, trimmer, fireman, lascar etc.

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ISBN: 9781781513972
Author: S.D. Jarvis
Publisher: Naval & Military Press
Language: English
Publication Date: 27/03/2012
Format: PDF
Est. Pages: ?228
Series: The Cross of Sacrifice
Genre: Humanities - History
Dewey: 940.46741